Encouraging, motivating, seeing the talent within… Angelika brings out the true gifts in her students and nurtures them to see their potential.  She set my son on the path to his future.

Chris Morra

You have taught Ryan so much and built his confidence in so many ways.  We will always be grateful to you for that. Any family/student that takes advantage of your service will benefit greatly.

Susan and Greg Hurst

We can't thank you enough for all you have done for Kevin. You are a fabulous teacher!

Carol and Kevin McCarroll

Angelika Rinnhofer brilliantly guides students to tap into their talent, allowing them to reach the potential of their artistic and individual goals. She can see latent, budding or untapped potential and bring it to the surface.

Alison Catanese

i just wanted to thank you for going over how to properly take photos whenever it was that i took digital photo, because i happened to be the only kid in my 3D class to bring my slr to our final crit and my teacher asked me to stay afterwards to help him shoot some of our stuff for his own records... basically, i ended up helping him out so much by getting the lighing even via reflecting it off of white paper, etc, (all things i learned in your class and miraculously retained) that he ended up promising me chocolate from his wife's chocolate shop in manhattan as a reward. so awesome.

Anna Walant, former student

My daughter Elena worked with an artist/photographer who was incredibly helpful. Her name is Angelika Rinhofer and she really is the best. I could see that after the initial meeting a grey cloud hanging above my daughter’s head disappeared! 

Deb Howes

Hi Angelika!

I have good news to report to you! I was accepted into both of the summer programs: The merit scholarship at the School of the Art Institute and accepted into the STAMPS at University of Michigan precollege program. I'm sure your letter of recommendation and your advice for my portfolio were important factors in getting in! Even though we only met for a short amount of time you have really helped me present and develop my work. 

Thanks again!

Elena Howes