When students ask you for guidance in applying to an art or architecture school, or a college with a reputable art program, they trust you to help them with an important decision. It is invigorating to experience the same passion in a child that has been paramount in your artistic progress. As an art teacher, I know that it takes a lot of extra time and commitment to advice students on how to create their portfolios and prepare their college applications aimed toward acceptance in an art program. This is where I can help - I’d be happy to support and work with you and your students during this crucial time in a young artist’s life.

I assist students and their parents in researching schools, creating digital files of portfolio images, and organizing admission deadlines. Together we can make the application process as straightforward as possible for your students. Keep my service in mind if you have students who might profit from extra help in applying to art schools.

Please mention Art School Prep to students who might benefit from this extracurricular support. And, don’t hesitate to contact me if one of your students is working with me. I’d love to hear from you and collaborate with you to give the best possible guidance to young artists.

Please call (754) 252-2369 or email angelika@prep4artschool.com to speak with me.

"The capacity to perceive, to attend, must be learned." - Maxine Greene

Illustration by Joey Claps, high school senior