I am an artist and educator with 20+ years of professional experience. I work with several accomplished visual artists to give my clients the best possible recommendation on which schools to apply to, how to develop a portfolio and sustain an active art practice, and organize one's life around these important steps of an artist's career path. I began to draw at the age of four, and have not stopped to make art ever since. I went to art school in Germany, and subsequently began my career as a commercial photographer. Since then I have had a number of national and international exhibitions and my work has been featured in various professional publications.

I was running a successful photography business when the opportunity to teach opened up. In 2006 I changed my career to become an art teacher at a college preparatory school in Katonah, New York. During my tenure at The Harvey School I taught Photography, Video Production, Graphic Design, and Art History. Every year, some of my students asked me for advice to find the right art school and to guide them through the difficult process of applying to their chosen art institutions or colleges. I love assisting students with this important step in their lives, and it always makes me happy to hear that they are going to attend their first-choice schools after graduation. My students have been accepted to the

Rhode Island School of Design,

Pratt Institute,

the School of Visual Arts, and the 

College of Visual and Performing Arts at Syracuse University

to name but a few. As a teacher, I recognize the importance of learning from a mentor who can educate her students about contemporary artistic practice, convey the significance of artistic concepts, and give insight into her own artistic pursuit. As a counselor, I understand the highly selective application process to art schools. Every school has different application requirements in addition to the mandatory portfolio. My mission is to lead the student through this process by helping to find the best-suited schools, contacting admission representatives, keeping the student on track of deadlines, and helping with the development of a comprehensive art portfolio.

Please call  (754) 252-2369 or email angelika@prep4artschool.com to find out more about how I can be of help to you.

To see some of my artwork, please go to www.angelikarinnhofer.com, and www.angelikarinnhofer.com/apriori

"The capacity to perceive, to attend, must be learned." - Maxine Greene

Photograph by Lily MacDonald, high school junior