Applying to an art program is an important step in an artist's development. The process needs to be tailored to each student's needs, personality, and skill level. I offer advice and feedback on portfolio development, on managing application timelines, and on an artist's educational objectives and intentions. I work with artists from various fields to provide students with feedback on their artwork, suggestions on methods and techniques, and recommendations on their process. Each student requires a different level of attention - I cooperate with artists, parents, teachers, and counselors to create a working plan to support each student before and during the application process. Meetings can be held in person or online via video conferencing. My task is to help each applicant to approach portfolio reviews, and entrance and home exams with confidence and peace of mind. 

Please contact me to set up our initial meeting in person or online: (754) 252-2369 or

"The capacity to perceive, to attend, must be learned." - Maxine Greene

Photograph by Gabi Kahn, high school senior