School is a big investment. It's about pursuing dreams and creating a foundation for a rich life. Thoughtful preparation is key to a successful college application. Art School Prep helps define a student's interests, skills, and goals. And once you're in your chosen program, Art School Prep can help you to stay on track and get the most out of your college experience. I'm not just about getting you into school - I can help you through your college years. Art School Prep offers coaching for students who want to attend art school or a college art program, from middle school level, the so-called magnet schools, to graduate schools and beyond. 

  • Finding the right school

  • Approaching school administrators

  • Creating a compelling portfolio that showcases the student’s artistic voice

  • Keeping track of application and financial deadlines and home tests

  • Creating digital files of artwork

These are essential steps when entering the highly competitive field of art education. My job is to help to find the best possible schools and programs for a student, and to guide and tutor the young artist before and throughout the application process. My mission is to help students and parents to choose the best fitting school, to clarify the numerous and diverse portfolio and home test requirements, and to counsel students on how to prepare for and approach entrance exams. My goal is to connect the artist to the right program or school to make the learning experience the best it can be.

I meet with artists one-on-one and/or online.

Please call  (754) 252-2369 or email to find out more about how I can be of help to you.

"The capacity to perceive, to attend, must be learned." - Maxine Greene

Painting by Rose Dunseth, college sophomore, watercolor and guache on paper

Cover photo: Harumi Abe, artist and friend